Cutting the Cords – Amanda – 5

Amanda enjoyed her new life.   It was dull and boring, yes, but she had no stress.  She was relaxed and easy and felt healthier.

She called Mac every Sunday at precisely three.  They spoke aimlessly for ten minutes. She was convinced that everything was just fine.

She’d hang up, feel relaxed, and go on with her life, oblivious to what was happening.

Amanda had no idea that every Sunday, at about 2:45, Mac would drive away from wherever he was, park, and take Amanda’s call.

He keep the conversation light.

As soon as it was over, he would drive back to where he was.

Amanda didn’t know that Mac had left the house where they had lived and moved in with Lorna.

No one could tell Amanda much.  Mac and Lorna never went  anywhere his or her friends would be.  


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