Cutting the Cords – Amanda – 10 – End

Mac arrived about forty minutes later.  He wore jeans, a tee shirt, a jeans jacket, and boots.  She stared at him.  He never dressed like that!

“Who are you?”  she asked in her usual snide manner.

“I’m the real Mac,” he gave with a sexy smile.

“We have to talk…” she said.

“No, Amanda, we’ve said everything before you left.  You left for your personal health, I left for mine.  I’m not coming back.  This is your house, this is your life, not mine.”

“What happened?”   she said, tears falling down her face.

“I found myself.   I found the me I thought I’d lost.  I’m happy, I’m free and I’ve never been this way before.”

“You’re leaving me?”   she said with an almost sneer.

“No, Amanda, I already left you.  I began leaving five  months ago.  I  left this house three months ago.  I have a whole new world,” and began to walk to the  door.

As he opened it he tossed;  “Take care of yourself.”


“For what?  There’s nothing you can say or do that will stop me.  Our marriage is over. The wedding band in on the dresser.  Have a nice life.”

And he walked out.

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