Cutting the Coords – Herbert – 5

Jeffrey had to be moved from school to school.  

He didn’t do his work, he caused problems, etc.   Finally,  when Jeff was eighteen, having  completed that phase of his education,  not knowing what he wanted to do, the therapist suggested father and son have some bonding time.  

Many ideas were suggested,  the best  was to take a cruise to Hawaii.

They boarded the ship.  After  tossing down his things, Jeff raced away.

Herbert wasn’t shocked by his behaviour.   After packing away his things, Herbert took a stroll and saw him with a young man who seemed  gay.    Herbert paused,  then saw them move off.   When they were gone he noticed a woman,  she was looking at him.

Herbert, to be polite, nodded, approached.   

This was Judy, the mother of the young man..  They began to speak. He learned that Judy’s son,  Steve, had always been gay, as far as she could tell.   Steve had gotten a job as an actor, and had taken her on this cruise as a kind of reward for raising him.

Judy had been poor, struggled, but Steve and she had always been close.  They spoke for a few minutes before she went off to have a mani/pedi.

Herbert moved along.   He saw Jeff by the pool.   Almost provocatively Jeff introduced Steve to Herbert.    


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