Cutting the Coords – 8

It was at reboarding of the ship, when Jeff behaved a dramatic way, drawing attention, exhibiting that he and Steve were lovers.

Steve seemed  uncomfortable.  

In private Judy told Herbert that in all the relationships her son had, none were public broadcasts.

Herbert confided that Jeff was performing for his benefit.   He ‘knew’ his father was ‘homophobic’, so…

Judy was surprised by the words.   He told her the conversation with Jeff’s therapist.

“He told him that I had punished and brutalised him because he was Gay.  I told the therapist I knew nothing of that.  I told him this was the first time I heard the statement.”

Judy questioned him and he could not say otherwise.  He had no idea that Jeff was Gay until the therapist told him.

Judy nodded, and softly admitted she was not a fan of Jeff’s.

“Neither am I,”  Herbert admitted.


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Written by jaylar

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