Crazy Color Challenge – Windswept Thumb

You may or may not remember the original Windswept Thumb, or maybe you don’t… Either way, I wanted to do a variant of that piece as a Color Crazy Challenge even though I’ve already done one this week. The entry is actually just a lorez test of the rain technique I wanted for the piece. Kinda POC

#1 Windswept Thumb – Sin City mix

Kim Johnson called out greyscale and sepiatone for this week's palettes but she neglected to include cobaltone- the blueheaded stepchild of tinting. And why is cobaltone so underrated? Sepia is a just a pigment, while cobalt is an element!

Certainly sepiatone will emulate a skintone better, but cobaltone is a much cooler look overall #rimshot

  1. I am going to add monochrome in next weeks rainbow week. Grins. but this works for the black and white challenge as well. You know dis! lol I really really love that rain effect. How brilliant. It works!

      • I know people use the two words as if they were the same. I like to use monochrome when talking about art or a photograph. This might help. Monochrome: A photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color. Monotone: Sameness or dull repetition in sound, style, manner, or color. So it is just a preference type thing when talking about your art.

  2. Tone and chroma are both used to describe color; it’s been such a long time since school that I can’t remember if there is an actual difference or if it is just a matter of preference…

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