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Crazy Color Challenge Purple

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I think I am late, but I am going to try and participate. I found these purple flowers. I thought they were lavender, but the site had them labeled as sage. I guess it’s up to you to decide what you would like to call them. I am uncertain. But I am curious. So I think I will look it up.

Apparently some sage has violet blossoms. I hope violet is close enough to purple to be allowed in the challenge. I guess if they are not the post will never be approved and I will know I labeled them incorrectly.

Learning how to do things here and find answers to questions has been interesting and a little challenging.  I am still not certain if I should wait to see if one is approved before I write another. Perhaps my son can find the answer.

Have a lovely purple day.


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  1. Way to go Gramps, you are the first to post for this color. It just started on Monday. Posts only get unapproved for spelling or grammatical errors, bad language. Nudity, drugs etc.
    I believe these flowers are delphiniums, and any color of purple counts! From the palest of lavenders to the deepest of indigos.

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