Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 9

I had rented a bedroom and bathroom which came with shared space of a living room and kitchen.  

In a month it deteriorated to no shared space and a repulsive crazy hoarder who had a dozen horrible cats as my co-tenant.

I spent most time at work and when I came in, stayed locked in my room.

During the first weeks, I was fortunate to gain  the ‘silent treatment’ from Jade.  This was fine,  I had nothing to say to or at her.   Then, without warning, as I carried in my groceries in a clear bag, she mentioned how expensive that tuna fish I had bought was.

I didn’t say anything.

She then started to hammer my ears with her lies about being born uptown and having so much money.

The contrast between her two statements was stunning.

Firstly, only a person who was used to crap would have salvaged the junk she loaded in the house. It was junk, the kind of stuff you’d find on a roadside.

Secondly, her exclamations about the price of the tuna was a real ‘tell’.  People who have money don’t look at price tags.  They buy what they like.

Reality was that Jade wanted attention.  

Not every day,  fortunately, but every 48 to 72 hours she needed to hear her voice.

If I stayed in my room too long she’d start to blast the anime she was watching on her phone; (she didn’t have a computer) hoping I would come out to ask her to turn it down.    

Having asked her once and received her vicious response, I was not going to do it again.


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