Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 8

Jade moved into the other room like some gang member capturing territory.  She was cold and unfriendly, to say the least

To be honest;  she creeped me out..

Within days she had piled her  junk in what should be the living room, the kitchen, even the passages. I was livid. There was  no ‘shared’ space, Jade owned the flat.

Having met this monster, I didn’t say a word to Jade,   I complained to the landlady.  She gave me the tragic story of how Jade’s house had burnt down and this is what she salvaged.

I was still angry, because I ought have been warned.  The landlady recognised her fault. My rent was lowered, but I did begin to search for another place.

It wasn’t just losing the space;  it was to whom I lost it.


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Written by jaylar

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