Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 55

‘The Main function’ of Jade in my life is that she made me self reflect.  I searched my past for moments in which my behaviour might have been ‘Jade-like’.

As I never wanted to be a miserable inconsiderate despised lump as she was and is, I became more sensitive to people around me.  

My behaviour at work with my friends was nicer than I had ever been.  When they spoke I didn’t think  of trying to ‘out do’ them,  I praised them

 If they said they did this or had that or knew so and so, I didn’t tell them what I did or who I knew.

Another aspect was that  I didn’t get angry over little things.  So many things stopped mattering to me.   If I was upset or annoyed,  I changed my responses from sharp to bland, not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

My ‘Anti-Jade’ policy made me a better person.


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