Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 54

I admit there were moments in which hatred overwhelmed me and I could bash her head in with a bat,  but I forced myself to instantly think of flowers.

It was an amazing ability I didn’t know I possessed.  

In the first days living in a premises with a creature like Jade, I was angry, stressed, but over time,  contempt filled me. I found her ridiculous.  She and everything connected to her, didn’t matter.

I had a home, family, friends.   I wasn’t a squatter in a flat who had an eviction notice hanging over my head.     I was someone on contract to a prestigious firm and would leave at the end.  I was someone who had a place to go with people who loved me.

That is what always warmed me.   I had a place to go, people who wanted to see me.

Jade had nothing but a set of cats none of which cared about her.   


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Written by jaylar

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