Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 48

There is an ignored emotion, if I can name it that, called “Contempt”.  The dictionary defines it as ‘a feeling that the person or thing is worthless or beneath consideration.’

Jade had gotten my contempt from day one, when she moved her junk to fill the space, without the slightest consideration about not merely how I would feel but how I would move from my room to the door.

No normal person would do that.  No normal human being could be so unconcerned about another, especially one who paid rent.

From the moment her rubbish filled the front rooms, , nothing she said or did could bother me any more than a plastic cup could provoke my emotions.

She was a repulsive self absorbed creature of such evil that I had never imagined.

I had unmitigated contempt for Jade; assuming she came from some horrible neglected past in which no one ever cared about her nor did she ever care about anyone.


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Written by jaylar

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