Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 40

Narcissists need attention.   No matter what you say, you are speaking to them,so it is a victory.   When you don’t say anything, it is a defeat.

As I said nothing, didn’t complain about anything, she was getting angrier and angrier.

I began to leave the flat more often.   She became aware  of my ‘absence’, my distance, my ignoring her.

Although cold and malignant in the house, if she saw me on the road or supermarket, she greeted me with a big smile as if we’d shared pencils in primary school.

She would paste on a smile, stand beside me, talk to whomever I was speaking with to give the appearance we were friends. I never introduced her to anyone or responded to her remarks.

Jade, despite her babble about relatives and friends,  had no one.  No one and no connection to society.  It was only me.   If she was normal she would be kind to me so that I would include her.   But that is not in the portfolio of a narcissist.  

When my friends visited she’d  push her mouth into our conversations and displayed a kind of angry jealousy when I left with them.

When I would return she could barely control her rage.  Her hatred.

I knew she despised me.  I knew I was everything she wished she was.  And it was obvious.


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