Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 4

Being a hoarder, being a crazy cat lady pales besides her real ‘skill’; she was an incredible boasting liar.

The first two weeks ‘sharing’ space with Jade,  I was ‘off’ .   I went to work a early, made lots of friends who’d I’d hang with after work.

When I came ‘home’ I’d go to my room, change, relax.   To avoid Jade, I smoked in my room.

I went away the first weekend,  returned late Sunday, kept to my pattern during the week, so Jade had no ‘hook’.

It was that second weekend,   on my way out, when I stopped to smoke and Jade,  realising I wouldn’t speak, began her bragging.

I don’t think she was actually talking to me, I feel she wanted to hear her own voice.


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Written by jaylar

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