Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 39

Jade would, when she bordered reality,  emerge as the horrible person she was.  Everything was a problem.

I paid rent, she didn’t, yet she would complain, as if she had right, how I did this or that; I  ignored her.

She was a repulsive lying creature who attempted to make my life uncomfortable.  Considering I spent 99% of the time I was in the flat in my room with the door locked, she didn’t have much opportunity.

Middle aged, she watched cartoons, turning  up the sound as she sprawled on the veranda near my room at night.  But I said nothing.

I know she did it to provoke me, just as she piled her rubbish in the way so that if I wasn’t careful I’d fall over it.

But I didn’t complain.

Yet she could complain about how I unlocked a gate or flushed a toilet.  

 I didn’t respond for the most painful ‘blow’ one can give a narcissist is to ignore them.


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Written by jaylar

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