Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 38

I knew Jade disliked, perhaps hated me because of …

 list everything.

 As a narcissist she believed people envied her but was envious of just about everything concerning me.  Start with how I looked, move to my friends, to my job, to the fact I wouldn’t listen to her scam and was ‘unprovokable’.

No matter what she did or said I never reacted.  

Her rabid hate for me had to be postponed because she was alone.   Jade was absolutely alone.  She had no one to talk to except her cats.  I assume that until I could be replaced as a babble bank, she would pretend a friendship.

Further, I strongly believe she wasn’t convinced that she could not get me to invest in the scam she was running.  Considering her telephonic ‘performances’ I’m sure this wasn’t her first scam, nor would be her last.

In the house she was usually distant and cold, often ignored me, passed without seeing, deaf to a greeting.

Then there was the Jade who would find fault with everything I did, from taking out the garbage to closing a door.  It made me crack up because I knew she was looking for a response from me,  and that she would never get.


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