Crazy Boasting Cat Lady -37

As Jade had not let go of her ‘Investment Scheme’  (still thinking there was a way to rope me in), she  developed a new habit.   This was of babbling on the phone in her best voice to ‘investors’ as she sat near my door on the veranda.  

She wanted me to ‘overhear’  how she had raised so much money and was looking for another portion.

If I  didn’t know her,  the impression would be that she was speaking to some millionaire, giving them the facts of the scheme and they were rabid to invest.   But I knew her.  I was here.    I suffered her attitude, the loss of shared space, her coldness and anger.   I learned, from the first month, she was a trickster.  

I knew she couldn’t pay rent.  She had no money.

Yet, in her twisted narcissistic belief in her superiority she actually believed I could be roped into anything she was involved in.

Failing the direct approach, that is asking me, and failing, she moved to the covert.  Sitting on the veranda, pretending to talk to investors.   I knew this a performance.  

To sort of retaliate, as soon as I heard her opening remarks on her pseudo call to investors,  I  turned on my radio/ television, or listened to something on my computer to drown her out.

I know this annoyed her.

I believe she thought  I was stupid, not that I saw through her


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