Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 35

Jade created a new lie.   She invented an  ‘Investment’ scheme.

As I  entered the veranda from work,  Jade began babbling to me about a great ‘Investment’ scheme.

I wasn’t actually listening.  I stood, thinking about a project at work while she went on and on. All I caught was that  she wanted me to ‘invest’ needed twenty thousand to buy in.

I made no response.

She kept babbling  then one of her cats cried.  As she raced to the Aid of her Cat,  I went to my room.

Did she think she could fool me as she did the Landlady?  Did she believe for a quarter of a second  I could be duped by her?

If my name was Bill Gates I wouldn’t invest $10.00 in anything  Jade  had connection to.  Jade was a scammer who’d spent her  life lying and tricking  people in her arrogant sense of self-importance.

I had a front row seat in her playing the landlady who, feeling sorry for her, gave her the other room.  Gave her the other room, let her pile the shared space with her rubbish to my discomfort.  

The Landlady had to accept 1/3rd less rent from me because of it.

And now Jade was trying to draw me into an investment scheme?


What do you think?


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