Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 32

Interestingly, Jade began to  obviously ignoring me.  This was certainly not a problem.  

My friend, who was doing her Masters in Narcissism,  inferred that Jade was trapped,  reorganising reality.   She might have remembered she had said she would sell the gas tank so when I repeated it and she instantly dismissed it,  she had actually shot down her own idea.

I spent the day working on my computer, making calls to my friends while right outside my side door, Jade sat absolutely alone on the Veranda.

Between blasting her cartoons she had discussions with her cats.

At first I thought there was a visitor, due to the way she spoke, what she said, and listened for the other’s voice.  It didn’t cost a minute when  I realised she was talking to her cats.  She was talking to them as I would speak to my friends.

She got into an argument with one of them.

It was amazing.

Here was this middle aged woman, totally alone, with no job, no family, no friends, and the inability to be a friend, speaking to her cats as if they were cognisant people, capable of response.


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Written by jaylar

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