Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 30

As a narcissist, Jade had to hammer my ears with her lies and boasts even though they were clearly fabrications.  How could she make any of these claims?  

She wasn’t attractive at all.  She wasn’t active.  She could watch cartoons for hours.

How could claim to know various stars?  

Aware she was on thin ice, striving to make her lies seem real, considering she never went any where, she claimed to meet these stars at the supermarket.

I had to avert my face, because I was bursting with laughter.

That Jade wanted to view herself as attractive, important, rich,  was what she did.  That she was ugly, lonely, nobody and poor didn’t infringe on her fantasy.

The facts are that  Jade could not pay rent.  She didn’t have any money and no where to get it.

Recalling what my psychologist friend had said, I suggested she sell an extra gas tank which did nothing more than lean against the wall.   Jade immediately dismissed my suggestion.

A week before  Jade had mentioned selling that very tank.

My friend knew Narcissism well for that is exactly what she predicted Jade would say.


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