Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 3

This place was not ‘my home’ .    It had been a virtual dream place, until Jade moved it.  It would have been nice if a normal person had taken that other room. Instead, there was Jade.

When I spoke to the land lady she reduced my rent as she was playing Mother Teresa; helping poor Jade.  My land lady repeated the heart breaking rubbish Jade had told her, as if it were true, believing she was helping a normal citizen.

Jade was anything but normal. 

She  could sit on the veranda all day all night, doing nothing but smoking.   She  had a dozen cats which crapped all over the place.  If I didn’t keep my door locked at all times they’d come into my room and crap there.

When they crapped she’d get around to cleaning it.  Maybe it would take her fifteen minutes, but still….

She had this repulsive attitude as if she was important.


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Written by jaylar

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