Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 24

When I got home from work,  Jade greeted me as if we were friends.  Her smile and warmth almost terrified me.  

Then she had the temerity to ask me if I would be a witness for HER at the hearing. 

 Jade didn’t pay rent.  The landlady asked her to leave.   She didn’t.  The landlady was now forced to take her to Court to evict her and sue for the rent.

I told her, in the most bland voice  I couldn’t testify for her. This set Jade off on a long diatribe where she called me weak and cowardly.

Not needing to hear her,  I went to my room, locked my door, phoned my Psychologist friend who told me;  

“Go out for about an hour.   When you return Jade will be nicer to you so that you don’t testify For the landlady…”  and laughed.

I replied;  “Her attack on me might be the only honest words out of her mouth. She hates me.”

“I am sure she does.  Because you are real, she is not.”

Hanging up, I changed, and went out,  had some junk food, then returned.


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Written by jaylar

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