Crazy Boasting Cat Lady – 11

Jade  had a cold and antagonistic way of responding.   Having spent some time in her proximity I knew she had lived  a  horrible life.   She took everything as an insult or looked for deeper meanings if one tossed an amenity.

For example,  when I told her the supermarket would be locked tomorrow she sneered;  “I can go a day without shopping”,  as if I’d made a threat or insult.

I expected a distracted; “Okay” or “Thanks”, not this  sneer as if I’d insulted her.

When she had a problem with her cell phone, she began shouting and cursing, and smacking it on the table.    

Thinking something was happening, hearing the slams and curses, I came out of my room to witness the crazy hording cat lady having a war with her cell phone.

When she saw me,  after cursing her cell phone, she then changed the subject to the landlady.   She went on and on.  Blessedly, one of her cats began to whine and when she turned to it, I ran back into my sanctuary.

There was a woman who’d rented a room to a person she felt sorry for,  a person allowed to move in her trash and cats, much to my discomfort.   And Jade was cursing her.

This is because  Jade was not able to pay the rent.


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