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Crazy Alphabet Challenge (With a twist): the letter Q: Quetzal

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Good morning to all. I searched high and low for an original French name starting with the letter Q for an animal and could not find one. So here I am presenting the « Quetzal » bird known by that name in French and English. 

The name Quetzal encompasses several different birds from the neo-tropical region of Central America. The beautiful Quetzal has green and blue feathers. The male has very long caudal feathers (up to one meter or 3.2 feet long) and a crest. The female does not have a long tail or the red crested chest. 

An interesting side note of this gorgeous bird is that its name comes from the « nahuatl » language of Central America. Its original name in nahuatl is « Quetzalli ». The word « Quetzal » is also present in the ancient Mexican god’s name « Quetzalcoatl » which means « feathered snake » or « quetzal snake ». For the Mayas and the Aztecs, the « Quetzal » was a sacred bird whose feathers were held in high praise and esteem. Even during pre-colombian times, the « Quetzal » was raised in captivity and its feathers used for hats, robes and crowns. Today, the national symbol of Guatemala is the « Quetzal ».

The « Quetzal » is mostly a fruit eating bird but will also eat small insects and vertebrae animals. 

With his feathers and brilliant coloring, the « Quetzal » is an absolute delightful bird who knows how to engage its female counterparts during reproduction season. 

That is about all I have to say about the « Quetzal » bird of Central America. See you soon with the letter R. 


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