Coronavirus COVID-19 Came to America: 15 Infected

Wednesday, 2.26.20

While riding my Huffy, at around 5:30 pm, I stopped at the UTC for a break and checked my iPhone. I noticed a message from CDC stating the USA is ready for the Coronavirus entering America. They warn Americans to be prepared with surgical masks and plastic gloves. I knew that was going to happen from last month because internet stories about the coronavirus spreading all over Europe. All of the sudden, it would make it in America. I just hope it doesn’t come in my area, even though I have seen a couple of Asians walking around with surgical masks over the nose and mouth for the past year or so.

I found this video, streaming live about this coronavirus update. The first 20 minutes is silent, which is mostly of the stage and podium, with some muffled chitchat in the background, before Trump takes the podium to address this COVID-19 threat making its way to USA. Someone in the comments stated that Trump’s speech starts at 29:40

I notice on my iPhone article that there isn’t an vaccines for it, probably because no one wants to take these vaccines anyway. Trump adds that they are working vaccines for this virus.

After 30 minutes wait, Trump and Pence finally enter the stage. 15 people already got it, but they are recovering. So, it doesn’t seem fatal. China and Italy are suffering more with this virus. It reached South Korea, Japan, Brazil, and other countries, as well. Many infected people were quarantined from entering America. Trump affirmed that it is being controlled to a minimum so that it doesn’t spread nationwide.

Pence takes the podium to discuss this Coronavirus. Others take turns making their speech about being prepared in case it spreads. The CDC doctor expects more people to become infected with this virus. It is a respiratory virus, and it is similar to a cold. You can easily catch it from other people around you.

But, overall, he said the same thing, over and over again, because many press asked the same questions.


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