Cooperation and Cooperative

Here are two words that are similar and yet different.

C is for character,

O is for once again opportunities,

O is for happens occasionally,

P is for personable,

E is for exercise in futility at times,

R is for reason to do,

A is for action required at times,

T is for treatment received at times,

I is for intellect of other around you,

O is for occasions to maybe….

N is for could be nationwide in feelings, if given a ‘decent’ chance.

and the meaning of ‘cooperative’

C is for caring,

O is for opportunity to perform,

O is for the occasions to help,

P is for various personalities,

E is for the education to understand this topic,

R is for the reason to cooperate,

A is for action to cooperate,

T is for teaching cooperation by whomever,

I is for needed information (depends on situations);

V is for veracity,

E is for equal.


What do you think?


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