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Color Crazy Challenge Week 8 – Poetry in “Black and White”

I have to thank my friend, Kim Johnson, for giving me this tip. We discussed about this because I do not have B&W photos so I asked if I can just use my poems instead and she said YES. So, here goes.

I string along the title of the poems to come up with a sort of a story. I hope it makes sense to you. If not? Then, you know, I am a huge subscriber of “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” Therefore, if you find no beauty in it, I see that as your problem and not mine. Lol! Now, do not take that seriously. Be enLightened. Be happy. Life is short for anything else.

If you want some fun, come now and be in the #colorcrazy Challenge created by @kim_johnson. How? Read the guidelines here and off you can start.

#1 Once upon a time, there was a PARADOX —

#2 Then, ALONG CAME AN ANGEL that turned her world upside down —

#3 Perspective is not at its best when you are in that position, you know. So, she gave up and said: “LEAVE ME” —

    • I am the type of person who sees the good from the bad — I learned a lot of lessons from this one that turned me into quite a different and, I would like to think, a better person. For that single reason, I would remember that one as an “angel” in this lifetime. I hope I have done him good in return but I am not certain. If he keeps coming back then there must be good somewhere hahahaha — sometimes, it is up to us to cut the cord, though.

        • Hahahaha oh well then let me earn more. The only thing about Viril earning is that I do not understand how it works. Several days back, I got curious about my dashboard and so I opened it and saw it has less than $6 or $7, I cannot be sure but I am pretty sure it has more than $5. Then yesterday I opened it and saw there is only $4. Like magic. Or maybe life — it goes high and low. Hahaha! Altho, I am not complaining — my WordPress blog does not earn me anything and yet the time and effort and love I pour into it hahahaha — I like to write there more because it does not have word limit and I can edit easily when I miss anything while proofreading

          • I assume the discrepancy in your account has to do with the fact that you’re not being credited for January yet. At least, I am not getting any January credits at this time and it sounds like you’re in the same boat…

        • There are people like me who give a lot of chances — and I never regret being like that to family and people in general. However, in each chance I give, I take two steps backward — by the time the person used up all the chances, I will be so far away he can no longer catch up. I always think I have a strong character and so many times I believe I have to be more giving because I know I can carry the consequences of my action if it comes to that.

#4 “Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know,” according to Pema Chodron. So, the angel came back and asked: “HOW ARE YOU?” Out of frustration, pain and resentment, words poured out this way —

#5 And WORDS can cut deep and cold like a sword —

  1. Good point, words can hurt as much or more than physical violence, while others uplift and make us feel good about ourselves. Think before you speak! I sometimes have a hard time with this one. I tend to stick my foot in my mouth a lot.

#6 In introspect, we may say IF ONLY —-

  1. Again, another great poem. This one is special to me, because I have been told I should be more cautious. To not be so emotional and not wear my heart on my sleeve. But this is not something that needs to be changed. I am an open book, never any guessing how I feel. I need to learn to trust the journey..

    • Then do not change that — that is what we should all be doing anyway. I am transparent but too cautious — I am trying to change that though. I think it is better to give it your all then lost than not to give anything at all and later wonder about the goddamn thing hahaha

#7 Still, LIFE GOES ON —

#8 Because LIFE is just being life —

#9 HAVE YOU EVER wondered —


    • I wrote this piece actually to tackle the issue of suicide but viewing it from another and different perspective. There are many people these days diagnosed with mental conditions that range from minor to a lot more serious ones. That is quite alarming. My queer mind at times wonder if that is being used as “milking cow” much the same way as the cancer treatment business. For that reason, I like more the approach being taken by some radical practitioner like Kelly Brogan. Conventional meds have side effects and I wonder if such really help the patients.

What do you think?

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  1. It is not a walk in park for sure as sometimes my patience runs low hahaha but hey, for Asians taking care of their folks is a given and done without question — for me I view it as another area for learning. Thank you for all your kind words.

  2. A cute crazy will! Your poems never fail to refresh my breathing, Harping! Unfortunately, for the past few days, I have never been able to write a comment under the drawing for a gallery post like this! Every time I write the first letters, the page will freeze and yellow bar will appear at the top “A web page is slowing down your browser.” What would you like to do?

    • Thank you for dropping…can you please mention in your next Virily changes article to kindly remove the 20-character limit? I mean, sometimes I would like to just say “beautiful” or “nice” or “thank you”…………………… hahaha 😛

        • Yes, there is a purpose for that. I used to belong to an IG pod group and we also have agreement like that (only it was specified there that we cannot use emojis and characters like dots unnecessarily). The purpose is to discourage people from giving generic or generalized comments. But see, some people will still find a way to beat that rule and that makes it useless UNLESS Virily specify too that we cannot use too many emojis and dots and what-not

          • I know….. But sometimes when you say “Beautiful” that word is stronger than if you wrote a whole sentence, that is why I don’t like it – the rule, it destroys a sense…..!

    • If you call that as talent then I guess I will just have to believe you — I call them just musings from my soul lol. Some words, some art, some music, some memories, a good meditation and even the weather could create some emotions that I want to pen

  3. Hahahaha Virily is something equivalent to journalling for me (plus I can blog here using my phone) while my WordPress blog is where I write more serious stuff (Virily has 7200 limit and sometimes it is not enough for me) — I am going back there within the next few days and will be catching up with you

    • Hahahaha Virily is something equivalent to journalling for me (plus I can blog here using my phone) while my WordPress blog is where I write more serious stuff (Virily has 7200 limit and sometimes it is not enough for me) — I am going back there within the next few days and will be catching up with you

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