Collections ~ 365 Photos Challenge #76

Continuing the 365 Photos Challenge, I posted this on the 76th day. The head of Budha.

I love collecting statues. One most of all I really like is the head of Buddha.

Unfortunately, until now not all the collections that I have complete at home, I still temporarily leave some of those to my siblings since I moved to the residence today. These are the two statues of the Buddha’s head at home. Both are the same size in different colors, black and white. Both of these statues I got from the seller souvenirs around the Borobudur Temple.

In addition to its beauty, I love the Buddha statue because it always reminds me to other than to live this mundane mortal life, which is still conditioned, or that is still not free from the forms of suffering; also strives to enter a higher life, which builds good and right inner strengths, to be directed toward a noble and holy purpose.

To builds good and right inner strengths can only be realized by improving the inner development which can only occur by doing good deeds, controlling the mind, and developing wisdom so that it can erode all the defilements until the achievement of the ultimate goal.

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