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Clear the Chaos ~ Day 189

The attached photo is of a swallowtail butterfly taken in my yard. I used Prisma to edit the background. It represents both the chaos and the peace in my mind.

I would like to thank Albert for always giving me inspiration. I am not a writer by a long shot. But I do have feelings and emotions I would like to express. I just read one of his philosophical and powerful posts he is so excellent at writing. And this is what came out on paper…

Clearing my mind of all the chaos and confusion 

It all must go to feel the peace I strive for

Pulled this way and that way

Not sure of my direction

Which way should I go

Calm down deep breaths


Calm down deep breaths

Yes I can feel the relief

Mind body and soul is getting clearer

My path is in my reach

I can see it in the distance

Now I must continue this journey

Calm down deep breaths


Calm down deep breaths

Photo and Poem ©CarolDM2018

365 Photos Challenge Day 189


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Written by Carol DM

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  1. Although uncertainty is held in low regard by society, I see it as a healthy and rational standpoint; many folks are sure of viewpoints that are inaccurate or just plain mistaken. I’d much rather reserve judgement than be wrong…

    • I seem to stay in between the lines most of the time not completely sure of which direction to go. But I also weigh things out to the inth degree. I am with you, I see nothing wrong with that. It can save you trouble, hurt, pain, wrong paths, etc down the road.

  2. Wooow… Wow… Wow… you’ve written a wonderful adventure here, Carol.
    The mind is naughty because it is the child of the ego. It is very important in worldly life but we must keep a distance and surpass it when we want to find true peace and certainty of destination. While breath is proof that our soul still loves our existence, and that is the bridge to lead to its consciousness, our soul.


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