‘Clarkston’s Curse’ (A book review)

‘Clarkston’s Curse One Child’s Quest to Make Sense of the Tragedies in Her Hometown’ is a novel by Ann Margaret Johns that is a memoir. ‘Clarkston’s Curse’ is a story of growing up in the 1960’s and 1970’s and learning to deal with the many issues that were present for teenagers during this time in history.  Ann had to learn about loss and being a teen/adult with dealing with her family issues.

This would be a great supplemental reading assignment for a Counseling/Social work program when the student enters their practicum courses. This is a good book about learning about ‘enabling’; helping groups; and special needs of society.  The story covers the ideas of suicide, loneliness and a few other family issues that could occur of tragedy hits a neighborhood that is as close knit as Clarkston.

The cover picture is somewhat scary and depressing at the same time when you first see this book at the store. It is understandable after you read the book that is designed in blues and grays and seems to be underwater. The author Ann Margaret Johns added at the end of the book old yearbook pictures and pictures of neighborhood business owners of the past for this made the story even more believable along with all her memories along with all her memories of growing up and how things have to change.


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