Children stole violence from reel life: School Goers Turned Violent & Impatient

An Eight Year old and student of class IInd  Jagruti of ‘Gurugram’(Old name -Gurgaon) now a day has been reduced her desire to watch ‘DORIMON’in the Television Screen. Now she is more interested in watching some trended TV Serials like ‘Badi Bahu’, ‘Ridhhi-Siddhi’ (Famous Indian TV Serials) and some other Dramatized stories other then ‘Doriman’. She  is getting away from his childhood to see something new. Her interest is now growing in the stories of older adults than children’s stories. It is common to raise many questions in the mind of children in the growing age. Today, when at one hand  children are stressed on the need to provide sex education, then on other hand  younger children are also being made aware of good touch and bad touch. In this regard, the advertisement is constantly coming up with the discussion on the radio also.

Parents are questioning the school after killing an innocent by a student at a private school in Haryana and after the school principal murdered by a school student. The same attitude and mindset also found in Delhi where some students laid out a plan accompanying other students of the same school and did murder another student which really created a horrified and fury in regard to future of this Gen Next. But in fact it’s not just a matter of fact about the schooling environment but the lack of moral education to our generation next .

From where our children are learning such Criminal and violent Mindset?

At least not from schools.

It is publicized that these are all taking place through TV and film nowadays. They are following fashion, Food-style and even Bollywood action sequences  absorbing from Silver Screen and Television Screen. The manipulation of SAAS-BAHU and other anti social and Negative Characters and criminal activities have their dangerous effect on our children’s raw-mind set.

Describing this fact as an issue, Mukesh Khanna, the first superhero in India, resigned from the post of the Chairman of the Indian Children Film Society (CFSI), expressing anguish over the information and broadcasting ministry.

CFSI was established in 1955 by the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal. The work of this institute is to create inspiration and good film for the children. Mukesh resigned from his post just two months before his tenure. According to the BBC report, Mukesh has accused the ministry of not providing enough funds. They say that the Ministry does not show interest in making films for children. Mukesh, who played ‘Shaktiman’ and ‘Bhishma Pitamah’ in Mahabharata, says that he had complained about this earlier too, but no one  did  pay attention to it.

According to Mukesh, there is a lot of films for children, but these films have never been released. Children never know that films are made for them too. “I think that everyone who lived before me never thought of this way about making a movie for children. And Perhaps this is the absolute reason that the films produced foe Adults and Universally Adults are watched and enjoyed by our children finding no way out of it.

According to the report, Mukesh Khanna says that today children do not have their own movie. They are forced to watch the film meant for Adults and Elders.

‘Some good directors like Anupam Kher, Rajkumar Santoshi, Neeraj Pandey wanted to make a film for the children, but we do not have the money to give them’As urged by Shaktimaan ,Shree Mukesh Khanna.

Mr. Mukesh Khanna as BHISMA IN Famous Epic Serial-MAHABHARAT


In these days nothing is more dangerous and lethal then this issue. The Child studying in 4th grade knows things which should be informed him/her in his/her Double Age which in fact, should not be. All these fact findings is the truth behind the growing criminal and violent mindset of our children in this generation.

If the matter is made about CFSI, the opinion of our Film  industry on Mukesh Khanna is also quite different. When some in our Film industry feel it ‘Genuine’ some other don’t intend to comment. CFSI which produced around 250 Children’s Film are truthfully expected such Children’s Film which should put forward some positive impact on both Children and their Parents. It is not that there is a shortage of children’s cartoon or good film channel in the world of television, But all these channels are expensive for which every house hold in this country is not able to avail this for Children

Also, the impact of such children oriented  film falls far more than the drama on the heart and soul of our Children.

What do you think?

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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