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Can't Make it Right – 7

With David gone and only Steven and Maggie remaining, Eric tried to be a father to Steven. Tried to give him the attention that he’d always invested in his elder son.

This was a failure.

When he took Steven on any excursion, he behaved badly, often wanting to go home.  Although on one hand it  was annoying and unpleasant, on the other, it proved Steven’s inferiority and David’s superiority. Eric need not feel any guilt, any sense of neglect.   

Steven was substandard.

As a result, Eric then began to pay extra attention to his daughter, Maggie.

At first she was afraid to be anything but a zombie, but over time, feeling that Daddy really liked her, she began to flourish.

She worked hard at school, and afraid of disappointing Daddy by not getting into the High School David had,  choose to attend an All Girl’s High School.

Unlike Steven who knew he could never live up to the Great David, so didn’t even try,  Maggie used the fact she was a girl, so could never be in competition as her opportunity.

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