Can't Make it Right – 3

The three children of Mary and Eric were raised in their father’s religion.  Especially David, who was taken to service by his father.

Eric beamed because David could sit still, could listen, unlike inferior children who ran around and had to be taken outside.

His half brother, Alvin, was so jealous, for his daughters were always disrupting service.

For some reason, Eric took Steven when he was five, and he behaved as every other child.   This didn’t just infuriate Eric, but got a smirk from Alvin.

Eric didn’t take Steven again.  Only when the whole family went for some celebration, and Mary would manage him.

When it came to academics,  David entered a prestigious primary school and did very well.  

In three years, Steven joined him.

Where David was winning awards, reading far above his age level, Steven fell far beneath expectations. Which was, in truth was Eric expected.  Two years later, Maggie entered, and  did well, ‘for a girl’.


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Written by jaylar

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