Can't Make it Right – 26

When Carla met Steve she hadn’t marked him as a possible.  He was just some other student.  Yet,  he virtually pursued her, expressed his love, and wanted to marry her.

She found out his people had money, occupied a fairly high place in society.  Considering she could barely pay her tuition and didn’t have many prospects, married him.

She didn’t mind that his parents objected or that he demanded any child they had be raised in his faith.

For Carla, Steve was an unexpected prize.

She moved into a house like those her mother had cleaned, went shopping at places she could only be a clerk, and although she disliked everyone in his ‘circle’, she could make her own.

She followed her faith ‘religiously’ because it was the kind of escape that was perfectly legitimate.

She did not, in any way, conform to his faith and he never forced her or even tried a discussion.

It was rather ironic that the ‘leader’ of one faith was less religious than she, a mere member of her own.


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Written by jaylar

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