Can't Make it Right – 24

As attendance became rare, as less persons paid their dues, and as there were complaints, it was decided to get rid of Kaps.

First, the congregation got rid of Alvin.

Once Alvin was gone they all filled the various posts he had held.  As they never wanted them in the first place, and were only taking them to ‘fix’ Alvin,  they were neither intelligent nor interested.  

They allowed themselves to be fooled into paying Kaps an enormous sum to leave, when they did not have to pay him any kind of ‘retirement’.

Kaps took the money, but didn’t leave.   He bought a fancy house and moved in his underage girl friend.

Steven was again returned to the pulpit, but would share it with his sister and a cousin.

He resumed where  he had been before the arrival of Kaps.  


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Written by jaylar

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