Can't Make it Right – 21

All of Alvin’s children had run away.  They had very little to do with him.   This abandonment had happened even before their mother died.

When Alvin married again;  of course out of the religion to a younger woman, his kids wanted even less to do with him.

Seeing that Eric had two children present, Alvin seethed.  When Eric came to Service he would give Alvin a smirk and look at his son on the pulpit with a kind of pride.

Everyone, even Alvin, knew this was just to rub his nose in his abandonment by his kids.

Alvin attended religious services almost every week.  He would glare at Steven and heckle if he felt anything was wrong.

Alvin had no respect for his nephew, Steven,  and everyone knew it.


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Written by jaylar

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