Can't Make it Right – 11

When Steven returned home with his wife, his parents tried to be polite, but it was clear they found her repulsive.  

This seemed, on one hand, to please Steven, while on another, caused him a sense of guilt.

Tragically, Eric  didn’t expect much from Steven. He never had.  To him, Steven was born defective.  For him to go abroad, miss every opportunity, find and marry some dreg was  expected.  

Eric had purchased a house  house more than a few miles away and gave it to the ‘happy couple’.   He didn’t want to see them often, and considering the hills and dark roads between them,  natural protection.

Mary tried to befriend Carla, after all, they both were out of their husband’s religion, yet found her as distasteful as her husband did.

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Written by jaylar

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