Can't Do Better – 5

To know if this is one of those “Can’t Do Better”  types there is a particular ‘tell’.

This ‘tell’ is that they can NEVER agree to anything they haven’t said, do anything they haven’t decided on their own.

If anyone suggests anything, no matter how intelligent or useful, they CAN NOT do it.

For example; say  the light is gone.  I ask ‘Jade‘ to call the electric company because my phone is down.  A normal person, who is effected by the blackout doesn’t need to be asked.  A  person, like Jade, who Can’t Do Better can not abide being ‘told what to do’ so will not call the company.

At least not at first.

When this person becomes annoyed that she can’t watch her telly she then decides to call the electric company.  It is not because you told her to do it, it is ‘her decision’.

Anything you suggest this person will NOT do.  It could be to their benefit, but the mere idea that you Told them to means they will not do it.

This is because your existence is beyond their purview.


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Written by jaylar

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