Can't Do Better – 38

People who Can’t Do Better will ALWAYS mess up.  

If a neighbour is blasting his/her music,  rest assured if the Person Who Can’t Do Better speaks to them;  the music will get louder.

If there is some sort of possibility, which could go either way, it will go against the Person who Can’t Do Better.

This is because in persons who Can’ t Do Better do not possess that basic ability to communicate with other people.

Where the ‘on paper’ qualifications or requests are accepted, if there is a face to face, so ends whatever possibility there was.   That is because a person who Can’t Do Better does not know how to talk to people.

The sneer, the boast, the attitude, as if they hold the handle, always fails to impress those they need to impress.

People will look at Candidate A who has all the qualifications but a raw and ugly personality, and bypass them for Candidate B who has less qualifications but a warm personality.   

People who Can’t Do Better can never be warm.


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