Can't Do Better – 31

The persons I classify as those who Can’t Do Better have psychological issues.  

Once you appreciate this person is not sane, whether they are a neighbour, a coworker, a member of an organisation, note the signs and symbols.  

Firstly, they have an inflated view of themselves.  As any narcissist they consider themselves superior regardless of their appearance or financial situation.

Secondly, they live in their twisted minds, so never speak to them unless they speak to you.  

Thirdly, they lie about everything.   Whether it is having a job or going to the movies, or knowing someone,  the likelihood of anything that comes out of their mouths being true is negligible.

Fourthly, they will dismiss anything you say.  As you begin to make a point, they will say “no”  because that is how their minds are twisted.   They must say no.   The fact that they may babble long enough to incorporate your point into their blather is standard.

Learn how to  ‘manage’  such a person.


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Written by jaylar

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