Can't Do Better – 2

An average person, behaving in an unacceptable manner might have a reason or might apologise for being out of place.

The person who can not do better would never apologise for they see nothing wrong with themselves or their behaviour.

The example of ‘Jade’ I used in the serialised story; “Crazy Boasting Cat Lady” is one of those.

She does not note she is unmarried, nearly forty,  no one wants anything to do with her. and her social situation is due to her repulsive personality.

Where other women may have had relationships which ended or are in relationships, she can not maintain a relationship with anyone.

Those she might call ‘friends’  are those who find a stray use for her but are totally unavailable when she needs them.

For example, in the story, one of Jade’s cats was struck by a car. For one hour she phoned every single person she knew to beg them to carry her and the cat to the Animal Hospital. Not one of them complied.  

This did not prompt a ‘life review’.  This did not cause her to analyse that the people she called ‘friends’ were anything but.  All Jade felt was anger that those she summoned did not arrive.

Jade can not do better.  This is who and what she is.  And all the proofs of her repulsive nature are unseen by her.  She doesn’t think she needs to change.


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Written by jaylar

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