Can't Do Better – 12

Jade is one of those people who can not feel remorse.  Yes, she is a narcissist and  as a narcissist she can’t do better. Her psychological problems are beyond your ability to manage.  

Once you realise who and what ‘Jade’ is,  once you can recognise the type, YOU can do better.  YOU can keep such a creature out of your life.  Out of your life and away from your friends.

Had Kevin thought;  

“Hmmm why is Jade claiming to be so important and rich yet needs a place to live?”

He would not have recommended her as a tenant to his friend.  He would have appreciated he was being played. He would have done nothing.   Maybe Jade would repeat her heartbreaking story of how her ‘parent’s house’ burnt down.   Hearing the ‘rerun’ Kevin would have been certain that Jade was a scammer, that Jade was trying to use him.

If Kevin proved he had no use, Jade would dump him and move on to find someone else to exploit.

It would be no real loss to Jade. If she hadn’t been able to use Kevin to get Ms Rein to rent her the room.  She’d find someone else to use to get free lodging.  For that was the whole point of Jade’s performance.

Unfortunately, Kevin hadn’t analysed jade’s pleas so lost Ms. Rein as a friend.


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Written by jaylar

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