Bunga Boy – 6

The woman who is supporting the Bungaboy may make allowances for him, and try to excuse his behaviour.  

When she learns he is unfaithful, he is swept out as rubbish, much to his shock and surprise.

Often, he’s been unfaithful before, but not caught.  

This is not due to his ability at stealth, it is due to her inability to read the signs and symbols, thinking that he would never  jeopardise his living conditions for casual sex.

Where he attributes her relationship with him to mindless love, she attributes his actions as self-preservation.

Both are wrong.

She doesn’t love him, she can’t;  there is nothing about him which provokes such feelings.   She believes he will be faithful so as not to return to the street.

He is shocked that she could throw him out for infidelity.


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Written by jaylar

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