Bunga Boy- 4

The woman, successful in all but the social aspect, appreciates that men of her age and status marry young women they can ‘own’.   They can buy their partners, and do so.

They may have a wide pool of women they can select from, and so are certainly not interested in a middle aged independent woman who is not ravishingly beautiful.

Hence, the woman does, or tries to do, what the man does;  find someone they can purchase.

The handsome man with ambition is not vaguely interested.  Even the not so handsome man with the belief in his own ability,  does not want to sit next to the unattractive older woman, much less have a relationship.

The only men available are Bungaboys.

These are not particularly attractive nor intelligent.  Often ill mannered and with little ambition, little education, are unable to grasp reality.


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Written by jaylar

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