Bunga Boy – 33 – End

The rich woman meets the ambitious man who wanted to be something but never had the money or opportunity.

This man may marry her for what she can give him, and never lose sight of the goal.   He will do nothing to destroy the relationship because without her, he is back to start.

In some cases, afraid she will lose him, she virtually confines him to the house.    If he is wise, he will figure out how to have a life she will accept.  

He may appear a Bungaboy, but he is not, because he doesn’t want to be her toy, he wants a future.

A true Bungaboy doesn’t internalise who and what they are.  He doesn’t view himself as a pet or toy..

Some may think they are the ‘man’ of the family, and ‘controls’  the benefactor. It is a rude shock when she throws him out.

 The Bunga Boy will not accept his dismissal, will not be able to comprehend that his behaviour, whether it is being high all the time, having sex with every female in his ambit, or acting aggressively, has terminated his ’employ’.

It makes no sense for a woman to buy a Bunga Boy, even less to marry one.


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Written by jaylar

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