Bunga Boy – 32

Some Bunga Boys know exactly what they are.  They sell themselves to a woman who has something, for example, a house.  They live free, are fed, and although they may pretend to be the manof the family, have no control.

The woman will treat them as she pleases, especially if, like so many ‘benefactors’ she is mentally imbalanced.

No normal man would put up with the mood swings, the sudden violence, the lack of logic.   A normal man will depart.

The Bunga Boy has long since parked any form of self respect, honesty, or decency to sell himself.

He lives with an erratic woman and as long as he has a bed, food, clothing, some amenities.  He may be the laughing stock of the neighbourhood,  but he will continue.

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Written by jaylar

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