Bunga Boy – 27

In many cases, the Bungaboy who rides the mentally imbalanced woman, often spoils his own nest by his incapacity of comprehending the ‘big picture’.  

The gigolo knew how to keep his benefactor.   The beach boy knows the parameters of his relationship and what would cause it to terminate.

Many Rentadreads had their fling at Sunsplash at returned to their lives as if that sexual interlude never happened.

There were and will be women who may have thought the gigolo loved them.   

There may be women who thought the beach boy was dazzled by them.  

There might be some who thought the Renta married them for love not the VISA.

Unlike the Bungaboy, gigolos and beach boys and rentadreads have some association with reality.

Few Bungaboys can step back and analyse the situation.

Some may be able to correctly map the mental condition of their benefactor so can extend their free ride.  

Some are not careful enough and other people might get into the situation and be able to disentangle him from her life.


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