Bunga Boy – 19

In the cases of Beach Boys, they are approached by the older lonely woman with no man in her life.   She wants the experience.  She wants to have meaningless sex in a tropical location.

She knows what she is there for, as does the Beach Boy.    

There is no long lasting relationship, there is no love, this is as meaningful as the man who buys a prostitute.

All the woman wants is to relax on the beach without stress.  She wants something attractive in her bed.  When she leaves the hotel, she will often give him all the local money in her wallet, and maybe decide to return next year or not.

The Beach Boy has ‘sold’ his time and gets ready for the next ‘customer’.

She is not being played, she is not being tricked,  it is her choice.  This is why she is there.

If she were not interested, she would not be there, or would not make herself available.


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Written by jaylar

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  1. When I was attending UWI in Barbados I could walk down to Paradise Hotel. And it struck me to see all these older women with young attractive men and one of the managers told me how these women come, some with ‘referrals’. These women come for the Beach Boy.

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