Bunga Boy – 12

Chip, a Bunga Boy, got Harriet to adopt, even marry him.   He considered her an idiot.  

Chip lived his life as he choose, financed by Harriet.  

As he never considered her his wife, despite legal marriage,  or even worthy of deference, he had sex with any gal available.

Chip did what he pleased, as if he were some super star and Harriet lucky to be in his orbit.

As in the general course of things, Chip  got a gal pregnant. She demanded money.  Chip told her he didn’t have any.  

The gal rang up Harriet, demanding.

Demanding,  as if Harriet was obligated to support Chip’s gals and their children.

Harriet left Chip.   

The gal could try to squeeze a few pennies from Chip’s pocket, but he didn’t have any money, home, car, anything.

Chip then devoted his life trying to get in touch with Harriet.  She evaded him.  He was hurt and angry that she could dump him.

As a Bunga Boy he didn’t have the intellect to grasp what he had done.


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Written by jaylar

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