Brain Squish – 11

There are people who create a fantasy world. Festooned with a set of false memories, twisted reality,  they proclaim what they inwardly know is untrue.

They cast certain people as saints and others as devils not merely with a lack of proof but a gut churning need that it is true.

Children might elevate a grandparent or a nanny over their parents as a way to ‘punish’ them.

Others may paint their parents as evil and neglectful based on the fact they didn’t buy a bicycle or take them to the zoo.

When this kind of fantasy continues into adulthood the contrasts often cause serious mental collapses.

For example, forty year olds, claiming Grandma was a Great Mother and how much they loved her, yet were unaware she was dying and receiving chemotherapy for ten years.

The fantasy holders keep describing a person or event using the same words in a robotic way.   This kind of self brain washing is a real brain squish.


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Written by jaylar

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