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Blood Come For Color Crazy Challenge

Sambang Darah or Excoecaria (Excoecaria cochinchinensis, Excoecaria bicolor) is a  nourishing medicinal plant originating from China and Southeast Asia. In Indonesia, this plant is known by several names: daun rĕměk daging (crush meat leaf) in Central Java, sambang darah leaf, or ki sambang. Sambang + Darah = Visit/come + Blood. An amazing  houseplant, but the sap is toxic, and thus called “Blindness Tree” in Southeast Asia.

In addition to being recognized as a medicinal plant, this plant seems to be poisonous to fish and even has killing power. However, this plant can still be used as an ornamental plant.

The leaves shaped are oval until the lancet is elongated, the tip and the base are tapered, the edges are jagged with the pinnate bone of the leaves and protrudes from the underside. It sized 4 – 15 cm × 1.5 – 4.5 cm. The color of the leaves at the top is dark green, and the bottom is dark red similar to meat; therefore, this plant is called such.


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